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SR-APX-01 KIT-BK (Black color)


AR-like carbine kit designed for AAP01 airsoft pistol.

1) Spring-loaded telescopic stock.

2) Quick disassemble design for AAP01 lower receiver maintenance.

3) AR-like charging handle (charging handle doesn’t move while shooting ).

4) Integrated elastic-fastening spare mag holder.

5) Total weight=650g. / L=470mm. / 592mm.


You can also add some accessories for your SR-APX-01


Optional accessories



Compensator for Blaster trace unit.

Fits for SCAR (Length=110mm. )extended barrel +

Flaming pig blaster(L=82mm. / D=35mm.) or

ACETECH blaster (L=76mm. /D=32mm.)



An Strike Head , fits up to L=210mm. / D=20mm. extended barrel from AAP01 -14mm thread barrel tip.


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