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Now all colors of helmets are equipped with "Transparent Lens"


Tactical Helmet

1. anti-fog and replaceable lens

2. air flow system, including two silence turbo fans

3. Resist 6mm BB velocity of 150 m/s

4. Include the FAST Helmet


More details:

1)The air flow system is driven by 2 silent turbo fans, air flow goes to the lens via air tunnels not to your ears directly , and fans are silent spec.
2) We have tested a lot of shooting angle with full auto shooting to the flip- up mask cover button , no safety issue.
3)we use double layer lens, inner lens is made of special nanotechnology material, lifetime anti-fog warranty.
4)there is no problem for aiming down with a 30mm sights raiser.
5)Lens is ballistic grade, other 3D printing parts can resist 150m/s velocity with 0.2g at 5 meter distance.
6) all parts are modular design, SRU will prepare sufficient aftermarket parts.



Tactical Helmet Set-With Transparent lens (include FAST Helmet)

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